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Signs that tell you that he wants you

Most men send women sexual feelings and desires even bluntly, but with diplomacy and charm. Also most men confess, however, that few things are more exciting than when she takes the initiative when it comes to sex.

So it's always better to understand certain behavioural signs of men, signs behind which there is the prone to desire, attraction, and arousal (sometimes even before he achieves anything). To surprise him at least occasionally by taking over the initiative and control that leads to a possible memorable sex night.

1. His eyes never lie

When the man in front of you is excited, witness his eyes : usually, pupils dilate! More than looks, a vibrant emotion will be reflected in his eyes, with or without his will.

2. Their hands frequently leads to nose

Unless that's cool, man betrays his sexual emotions through gestures - doctors say there is a close link between nasal nerves and erectile tissue responsible for managing the moments when sexual desire increases.

3. His voice thickens slightly

It appears that another physical reaction to sexual attraction (less notable than in the erect penis) is the change of the voice tone, which becomes more deeply than usual.

4. He reaches your shoulder

This is usually an unconscious gesture that comes from the man's desire to possess since early times of mankind.

Something more visible and more easily detectable are the relatively conscious gestures of a man when he is physically closer to you, such as slightly touching the back up to waist or biting lips while talking to you (gesture associated with pleasure even frivolity).

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