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Reinvent sex

Are you bored of your sex life and looking for new forms of physical and emotional satisfaction? You become frustrated because of your inability to escape the monotony, the usual? I wonder what's all the fuss with the point around this issue if sex is no longer other than a necessity without passion?

Focus yourself and behave yourself as only a "real" woman can - find inside the passion of dedication and explore it! If you want passion, she will come to you and if you try to keep it, it will remain.

Relieve the pressure of thoughts

The best way to reach the finish (orgasm, in this case) is enjoying the ride. The great sin of women is to enable the brain to thinks all the time, like an obsessive run after questions without answers. Sit back and smile! Before sex, your senses are the only ones allowed to "think".

During sex, let him look

When you touch your body (those parts that you know are more sensitive) with his penis. A two-divided joy - you will feel great while he will excite just by looking at you.

Reinventing oral sex!

Try to surprise him during oral sex with a sweet, literally. A candy on your lips can be a fun surprise and the effect - tingling - will be much better.

From time to time, distance will bring you closer

Spend a weekend away from your boyfriend, no phone and no messages, no Facebook and no e-mail. Sunday evening, when you return relaxed and you miss him, you are both ready to give your best each other. Jump in his arms and hurry to see him again naked ...

Use the Internet! It really is good at all!

Have you ever tried an online sex game? No matter how impersonal and cold sounds, doing indecent things on the Internet keeps passion alive. Then, when you see each other review, you will both have an even greater desire for further fantasies born in the online environment.

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