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Places where you deserve to kiss your boyfriend (Part 1)

Stories say that the privacy between you two needs love, passion and synchronization. Whether you're in a park, whether he asks you to marry him by the sea, whether you're in a deluxe room or an old car, the time may or may not be charged with emotion because, isn't it, the most intense emotions are felt often with your eyes closed.

But all say that nature and love stories merge and that any kiss or hug becomes unique if it has behind a breath-taking scenery, a setting that reminds you how overwhelming is eternity and how much attention to details have been put to create the sea, sun, moon ...

Imagine how would it be to be embraced in one of the places listed below and do not hesitate to organize a trip to take your relationship to the next level:


In Stika National Historic Park, next to a towering spruce, even love finds another definition. And routes over "Indian River" are perfect for getting much closer.


At the window of a Mediterranean restaurant watching over Camelback Mountain, where readers find the stars that talks about love ... with their area spas specifically oriented towards love and beauty, sent by beautiful red roses.

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