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Today is July 9, 2020
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Our experienced London escorts are teaching you how to initiate sex (Part 2)

6. Lick your finger

Put your finger in your mouth and then wipe the saliva with his lips. Do this repeatedly and then do it on his neck, nipples and belly. It will arouse him because he trace your finger in your mouth and he will feel so excited when you touch him.

7. Bring him breakfast in bed

If you decide to surprise him with breakfast in bed, take a step further and put them on a food tray that can be spread on the body and used for foreplay. Let's say strawberries, honey, bananas, hot chocolate or something similar. You will have the chance of a sweet prelude, which will quickly turn into a hot sex.

8. The trick with shoes and wallet

When you put your shoes on, ask him to kneel in front of you to help yo. That is, of course, an ideal opportunity to get his head between your legs so you can surprise him by not wearing your underwear. You can do the same thing with a wallet or keys that you accidentally dropped.

9. Tease him with your foot

When you have your lunch together and not expect anything sexually explicit, surprise him by putting your foot in his lap and began to stroke him with the foot. He will be surprised at first, but then quickly he will become excited. Especially if you're persistent, you can open his pants and put your foot inside so you can feel his skin.

10. Blindfold him

Put a blindfold to his eyes so that he cannot see anything. The mixture of fear and excitement will arouse him you for sure, but you must make sure that he is still surprised. Do not rush things. He is "blind" and you are fully responsible for the game. Tease him, not let him touch you and surprise him in any way possible.

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