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Today is July 13, 2020
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Our experienced London escorts are teaching you how to initiate sex (Part 1)

Both of you are together for a long time and unveiling a shoulder or even more than that do not have the same effect on him. He's not going to jump on you like a lion filled with desire. But you still want to stir his appetite and be as passionate as you have once been. You have no idea how you could do that? Here are some suggestions!

One. Play the role of the business partner

Put the sign "Do Not Disturb" on the bedroom door and let him know that you want him in bed. Play the role of the naughty business partner and tell him that you have very little time before the next meeting. Tell him that you are burning with desire and you want to show him your intimate secrets. But tell him to be discreet because you do not want your husband or wife to find something.

Two. Play a sexy song

When you are convinced that he is listening to the radio station, call (possibly during a special program) and tell them to play a very sexy song, which will help him remember all the hot things that happened the night before between you . Or choose a song with lyrics that tell what you want from him when he gets home. It is better to dedicate a song before you get home from work.

Three. Warm him with your tongue

If you are used to start your morning with a kiss, take the opportunity and give him a long and passionate kiss. Let him feel your tongue and taste saliva. To be even more effective, grab his bottom with your hand.

Four. Choose an exciting nickname

Surprise him with a sexy nickname for him or his friend from the lower floor. Surely he will be pleased with your reaction. Especially if you try to find something original and sexy.

Five. Oral sex through lingerie

Why always use the same method of meeting? Make an exception from time to time and do it through his underwear. Keep going until he reaches orgasm and ejaculate in his boxers. Of course, you can use your tongue and lips to be very effective even through the fabric.

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