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Today is July 13, 2020
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Men confess what is really sexy

Girls, today I want to talk about men and their sexual happiness. It would be hypocritical not to admit that we like to see them happy, no matter what name bears this happiness.

For men, sex is good, primarily because it happens and then it would come up with something great.

However, for every man there is that one (which often is confused with a sexual intercourse) completely different than the others, which is extraordinary and they will always think of it. Let's just not overlook that men have a highly developed emotional side just they try so much to master - one side connected like an umbilical cord to physical emotions (they are so and we love them exactly as they are).

Unforgettable moments for a man (I am waiting for your additions, gentlemen)

"Just before the climax (close to the famous orgasm, as you already know and you read often about) my partner has contracted her vaginal muscles, giving me a feeling of exhaustion. It was the most intense orgasm I've ever lived."

"She performed oral sex while standing up, and she was lying on the bed, face up and head down to the bed. I felt a joy that does not compare to anything we've seen in porn."

"On holiday, we rented a convertible. While driving on a road less visible, my fiancee bowed and offered me the most exciting ever received oral sex. The thrill born out of the fear of being seen turned the oral sex into "one moment in life".

"I stood before the mirror, ready to brush my teeth when she entered completely naked, sat in front of me on the sink, took off my boxers and pulled me over her body. There were weeks in a row when I couldn't wash my teeth without seeing the images with the two of us, having sex there, on the sink."

"In the middle of apparently normal sex - while trying the usual missionary position - my girlfriend put her hands over her head and told me:" Hold my hands tight over my head." So I did, basically, and she began to whisper "I love it when you hold total control over me." It was so exciting because she knew what she wants and she said it categorically. And what did she meant was for me to feel how it is to dominate her body ... "

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