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Dance moves that drive men crazy (Part 2)

Two. Tower: turn around from time to time (the goal is for him to notice every sexy part of your body). For best effect, move slowly, with small steps, as part of the dance. Try, as much as possible, to keep contact with your lover's eyes even when you turn, and remember the hips and the arms as well.

Three. "Lap dance" Get closer to him, as much as possible, namely in his lap, showing him your back. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and place your hands on your partner knees gently, then get down on him until you reach his legs. Continue to swing your hips in circular motions, back and forth, hands on his knees (for support) and looking at him. A little complicated but not impossible.

Four. Use your cleavage: each woman has her natural scent that feels best in the area between the breasts, regardless of the perfume purchased and used. And this is a very potent aphrodisiac! So leave your lover to admire your neck, lean slightly forward and put your hands on either side of the seat in a provocative move, and touch him with your breasts.

Five. Slippery movements: standing between his thighs, bend forward until you can lean with both hands on the back of the chair, place one each knee on his thighs, then lift yourself and drag your knees into the space created between his feet. For a special feeling, let yourself down slowly until your knees touch the floor in front of the man whom you are offering a dance of love present.

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