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Dance moves that drive men crazy (Part 1)

In trying to find the perfect techniques and positions during intercourse, looking for the much desired synchronization or reading the secrets written in the stars, we omit an important issue which, long time ago (times less eager for modernity), was in great demand . The moments of foreplay and even those entire days dedicated to the conquest. Where are the old conquerors or have women lost their arms to conquer?

I do not want to bother you with the melancholy of the past and to live our life nowadays (almost as interesting as old times), I just thought to remind you how exciting dance can be for a man. I'm not saying what you do in bed does not matter, but how do you tease him before you get undressed will become a legend for your guy.

Many friends told me that they tried to dance for their partners (at least on some special occasions - Valentine's Day, the anniversary of two years of living together) and just as many have told me that they went through mental blocks. I want to be sexy but not vulgar, less romantic, but not pathetic, to make him smile, but do not laugh at your clumsiness ...

To prepare a unique moment and build your confidence in yourself, put into practice some of the tips listed below:

A. Circle: keeping a moderate distance between you and him (about a meter), move your hips so you draw an imaginary circle, keeping the back arched. Attention to movements should be as natural, relax your muscles, you are beautiful, he is motivated not just to dream, your boyfriend will perceive you as you perceive him, too. Do not let him see a sumo wrestler!

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