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The Great Court

The Great Court

A magnificent glass-roofed addition encloses the heart of the British Museum. Opened in December 2000, the Great Court was designed by architect Sir Norman Foster. In the centre of the Court is the domed Reading Room, built in 1857. Holding one of the world's most important collections of books and manuscripts, the Reading Room has been the workplace of some of London's greatest writers. Having been used as temporary exhibition space for major exhibitions, it reverted to its normal use in 2009. The Great Court is the capital's largest covered square and contains shops, cafes and the British Museum's main information desk, supplying visitors with everything they need for an informed visit.

Rooftop View of the Great Court

The top of the Reading Room dome protrudes from the new glass roof of the Great Court. The public can now use the room to access information about the museum's collections by computer.

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