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British Museum Collections

Middle East

Some 6,000 years of history start with the spectacular carved reliefs from the Assyrian palace of Nineveh.

Ancient Egyptian and Sudanese

Mummies and sarcophagi are among 70,000 objects in one of the world's greatest collections.

Greek and Roman Antiquities

Highlights from the Classical world (c.3000 BC to c.AD 400) include the Parthenon sculptures and exquisite Greek and Roman vases.

Japanese and Oriental Antiquities

Buddhist limestone reliefs from India, Chinese antiquities, Islamic pottery and a Japanese collection so large it has to be shown on a rotating basis.


An incredible 350,000 objects from indigenous peoples around the world. The Africa gallery holds a fine array of art and artifacts.

Prehistory and Europe

Covering a long period from prehistoric cave dwellers to the modern day, this collection includes Lindow Man, a 2,000-yearold body found preserved in a peat bog, the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial and some fine decorative arts including medieval jewellery and Renaissance clocks.

Coins and Medals

A comprehensive collection of more than 750,000 coins and medals dating from the 7th century BC to the present day.

Prints and Drawings

Priceless prints and drawings from the Renaissance form part of this rotating collection.


This exhibition features the museum's 18th-century collections from around the world.

The Joseph Hotung Great Court Gallery

This small gallery is used for temporary exhibitions.

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